Welcome to my Website

here is some info about me :>

Hi! My name is Adrian,

I am currently 19 Years old, live in germany and i like computers. Im not creative at all but still have the desire to create something. This website will be used to do just that. You can use the Links in the top bar to navigate small articles i wrote, thoughts I had, guides and tutorials etc.

When im not on the computer (mostly in times where the weather is good) i like to go for walks, go biking and ride my kayak. I was also thinking about getting into books to mitigate my terrible zooomer attentionspann, but i cant really find any i would be interested with, as i don't like fiction, am not pretentious engouh to read philosophy and any technological thing is way easyer to research on the world wide web.

Why did a decide to make a website instead of "social"media?

I made this website because i wanted to have a personal corner on the web, without relying on toxic, addicting and dataharvesting plattforms like instagram, snapchat etc. The idea to make a website also came from the FOSS (free and open source) community. I talk with alot of people in chatgroups and consumed content from youtube from people like Mental outlaw (Kenny), luke smith and densi video (Alex). I wanted to be less addicted to algorithm based internet and return to the 2000's where the internet was more personal.